And then someone said, let’s order some Khachapuri!

We expected a sunny Purim day, although it rained, and all the ones with those creative minds were occupied with all the daily work stuff and our beloved clients’ routine urgent needs.

But we had our ‘not-to-be-missed-annual-costume-competition’ on our mind, which many of our clients obviously never fail to forget. Not again! We thought. We will not let Omer win the first prize for being a psychedelic transatlantic princess. And we will not put up with a studio full of mustaches and strange gazes declaring “we’re cowboys now”.

Suddenly, someone came in with a brown paper bag from Taloo Deli next door, said there was something there that looked like Khachapuri, and that he was dying for Georgian food. And everyone replied that they’ve just had Georgian food in the new restaurant that had just opened last month. But then Oded (Oded!) pulled out the “gold” leaf he’s been collecting and keeping since the age of 7, and there it was! Another killer Purim at DPP. Can someone bring me a glass of water?

[Warning! The following pictures might be somewhat disturbing to some of the viewers!]