The unique combination existing in Data Pro Proximity of years of experience in the practical operation of marketing programs for all types of customers and advanced and unique analysis tools and capabilities enables us to offer a unique package of marketing analysis, strategic consulting and preparation of marketing plans for the brand/organization. The package is suitable for businesses interested in running a marketing activity, a loyalty club or to examine and upgrade existing activities.

“Diving” deep into the base and broad analysis of all customer data and activity of the brand, along with market analysis and various parameters. The activity includes the setup, processing, connection to various systems, consolidation and improvement of data, and more; BI activity of trends and phenomena, calculation and identification of deciles and marketing segmentation, analysis of various marketing parameters, from which a comprehensive and unique report is prepared and presented to the client, containing all the findings, analysis and recommendations.

The products of the activity include: a comprehensive and detailed report; a executive presentation; a conclusions chapter and strategic recommendations; a layout set/plans for marketing activity based on the findings and recommendations + recommended Gantt charts + recommendations for creating a budget and activity indices; And, of course, the raw data itself, including processed and analyzed database, with additional fields for customer data and various “cuts”, along with markers and tables for follow-up activity.