Please welcome Ilana Kadosh-Navon

Kadosh Navon joined DPP 16 years ago and advanced through a wide range
of positions to the top one. She will replace Alon Gal, DPP’s CEO since 2006
[Tel Aviv, May 2017]

Ilana Kadosh-Navon was appointed CEO of Data Proximity, and Kadosh Navon will be replacing Alon Gal, CEO of the agency since 2006. The agency’s employees and clients have been informed of the new appointment, along with several other managerial changes. Over the past 16 years Kadosh Navon has successfully fulfilled a wide range of positions in all areas and agency’s various departments. In recent years she served as Deputy CEO of DPP. Data Pro Proximity’s clients include Maccabi Healthcare Services, Cellcom, Mifal Hapayis,Shufersal, Mey Eden, Osem-Nestle Group, Eshet Tours, KKL-JNF, various government ministries, and several leading brands in automotive, fashion, pharmaceuticals, education, etc. DPP is deeply involved in the current marketing revolution in the Israeli market with the massive entry of Marketing Automation technologies, cloud marketing and customer experience worlds, in cooperation with the world leader, SalesForce, and several other JVs and initiatives soon to be launched.

Oded Rosen, founder and chairman of Data Pro Proximity, said: “Ilana is not only an extraordinary success story, but also brings a truly wide range of skills to the job, along with the deep appreciation she has received from customers and professionals over the years. Ilana grew up with Data Proximity and already has a share in our success. The appointment is a significant boost to the future of Data Pro Proximity and the continuation of our tradition of internal HR growth and the promotion of outstanding managers within our organization. I would like to personally thank our esteemed CEO, Alon Gal, who had led us successfully for over a decade and will continue to watch over us and be part of the family from his brave new frontiers”. Ilana Kadosh-Navon said: “I am honored to have the privilege of heading such a leading agency in Israel with its amazing people and in an era of rapid and complex marketing changes. Our clients will continue to benefit from our professional team, and enjoy our vast experience as well as the innovation we bring to the table, especially in these exciting times with the penetration of online personalization worlds and marketing automation technologies”.