A major and growing channel for direct push communication with customers in the digital age is surprisingly the good old e-mail, which has experienced an increase in use in recent years alongside all the more innovative digital channels that have developed. Personalization in e-mail communication is a powerful tool.
The personalization of the e-mail is carried out both in quality and relevant content, as well as a selection of additional parameters, such as the timing of sending and responding patterns of the receiving client – which makes all the difference.

This is a complex matter. An advanced e-mail marketing solution requires a content management system, personalization tools and planning, list management and e-mail delivery. The solution also requires creative and technological capabilities for building and operating the e-mail. At the same time, the solution requires unique understanding and experience in creating appropriate and effective programs for retrieving and collecting e-mail addresses and authorizations, while complying with all the rules of management of databases, correct writing of content and meeting the legal standards required by the Spam Act. But the more complex the solution, the greater the opportunity for direct access to the recipient to be on target.