How do you reach, for example, someone who doesn’t check her/his e-mail or doesn’t react to SMS sent to her/him by the brand?

By using techniques such as Retargeting and Audiences on social networks and search advertising platforms, in parallel to identifying users on these networks, it is possible to cross-check with existing customer information and characteristics in CRM and in Big Data that are collected in the brand’s database for each user identity. This makes PPC advertising channels direct and personal, so that the promoted content or advertising can be channeled to the relevant target audience, and even to the specific customer.

The result is a sharp focus and significant improvement in advertising (CPL, CPA, etc.) costs, along with the conversion of these channels and their targeted content into a complementary channel along with other direct channels, such as e-mail, SMS or an application message. In fact, the limitations on Spam sometimes even increase the relative importance of PPC channels in personal communication for every customer.