In recent years, technological progress in the consumer world, rich with digital and social networks, has created a huge opportunity for the direct data-driven world of marketing, and provides a broad infrastructure of tools, channels and sources that can be utilized and integrated for the business objectives of the brand.

Data Pro Proximity has many years of experience in designing, setting up and operating customer clubs and loyalty programs, including renewing, refreshing and upgrading existing clubs. Data Pro Proximity manages experienced teams that provide a unique service that stems from a sense of partnership with the customer, along with the use of innovative methods and specific tools that are specialized for each of our customers, such as marketing automation and innovative BI and AI tools.

Building a profitable customer loyalty club and/or loyalty program requires an effective relationship with the customer, which motivates them to generate revenue and eventually a return on the investment. Therefore, such an activity requires optimal analysis and planning, professional database management, ongoing analysis of customer data, and effective ongoing operation of all direct communication channels to customers. We in Data Pro Proximity, work from morning to night, running leading customer loyalty clubs and programs, in which we emphasize a wide range of parameters, including: lifetime value of a customer (LTV), volume and frequency of customer activity, socio-economic data, geography and demography, statistics, segmentation and personalization data, various data for customer retention analysis, identifying churn signals and churn rates reduction, cross-sell, up-sell, customer segmentation, new customer acquisition, and more – all targeted and directed to achieving absolute ROI.

For this purpose, Data Pro Proximity offers its customers a one-stop-shop that includes all the capabilities required in-house, from a vibrant creative department and an advanced studio, through a data and development department to production and execution of capabilities for all required channels.