Data Pro Proximity is the most experienced company in digital & data-driven marketing in Israel. Since our foundation in 1994, we’ve seen everything, but the truth is that we wake up every morning to a brand new surprising world, an exciting one. Over the years the platforms have changed, the digital revolution has repeatedly mixed game rules, and the creative has been upgraded accordingly; but our goal has not changed – bringing people closer to brands and vice versa. Over the years, we have acquired a lot of experience and satisfied customers who have come to know our uncompromising service and experienced our sense of partnership.

Data Pro Proximity employs dozens of employees and is part of the Proximity Worldwide network of the BBDO Worldwide Group, which has roughly 70 offices and over 2,500 employees around the world. The owners of Data Pro Proximity are BBDO International and Oded Rosen, the pioneer of the direct marketing field in Israel as early as the late 1980’s.

Our team: Oded Rosen, Chairman; Ilana Kadosh-Navon, CEO; Omer Kali, VP Chief Customer Officer; Doron Aharoni, VP Operations and Production Manager; Ori Rosen, VP Business Development; Joey Seroussi, Director, Digital Lab – Digital innovation and customer development.


We specialize in: Data-driven marketing, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, personalization, segmentation, marketing automation, Big Data solutions, push & pull direct communication channels with customers, E-mail and newsletters, print, social, PPC targeted advertising and re-targeting, smart and customized websites, blogs and personalized content of all kinds.

We create and increase sales, encourage the highest level of customer experience, set up and operate customer loyalty programs, customer retention and avoidance of abandonment, cross-sell, up-sell, customer share increase, new customer recruitment and lead generation, incentive programs and sales and marketing incentives, special co-marketing programs, digital print production and cutting-edge BTL, social customer engagement, strategic marketing consulting and analysis, planning, measurement and campaign control.

At Data Pro Proximity, we have numerous capabilities and solutions from A to Z, including: a BTL Studio, a digital studio, a vibrant creative department, a computer and a smart CRM department, a data and analysis service bureau, programmers and application developers, a great digital content system, a digital lab and, of course, our customer divisions, whom we are not sure are working for us or are really partners of our customers. Seriously.

Everything we do is aimed at one bottom line: creating positive ROI for our clients.


Well, we have no miraculous “method” or “formula”. What we have is experience. And knowledge. A lot of knowledge. And good judgement. And tools for analysis and measurement. Above and beyond.

Just as people are not the same, neither are you, our customers. Everyone is unique! Each one requires in-depth observation and optimal understanding of what best suits him/her.

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